LIMA 2017

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Ukrspecsystems has visited LIMA 2017

We continue to explore the world of military and technological expositions. Our latest stop has been LIMA 2017 in Malaysia. LIMA is held every 2 years on an island only an hour away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It is one of the greatest events in the Asian region. Therefore, we had no doubts about joining in the action. We would like to state that the level of organization at this Expo is to the highest possible standards. The Expo continues for 5 days. The first three days are dedicated to business meetings, official delegation arrivals, high-security officials and VIP representatives. This is all accompanied by everyday massive airshows, the purpose of which is not only to entertain, but also to showcase the capabilities of the latest airplanes and fighter jets. As you may see from the photos, the Exhibition has an open space next to the local airport and a big hangar for the actual booths and visitors.

The Asian market is different.

We had much interest towards every single product we had. Starting with the PC-1 and PD-1 and ending with the smallest of our gimbals. We already started to work with a few clients that we met at LIMA 2017. Thanks to all positive feedbacks that we received during the show we are now more then sure that we selected right strategy to develop our own line of gimbals for different kinds of drones.