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Eagle XF with USG series gimbals

  The Eagle XF is a heavy-lift multi-rotor drone designed and manufactured by UAV America. It can carry up to 3.5 KG of payload and can be optionally equipped with a “sense and avoid” system which makes it a perfect platform for inspections and other industrial applications. Recently we have started working with UAV America’s […]

Physix heavy lift drone

Our dual-sensor USG-302 gimbal is a perfect solution for industrial drones. One example of such drones is Physix from the Spanish company Ixion. It has a MTOW of 12 kg and can stay in the air for 20 minutes. We are very proud that our company was selected as a reliable partner to supply their […]

USG-251 - new micro gimbal

We are proud to present our new micro gimbal for industrial, public safety and military applications! The USG-251 features a Full HD sensor with 10x optical zoom lens and optical video stabilization. 2- axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with damping mount eliminates vibrations from the airframe and compensates unwanted movements in the air. Optionally we can offer a […]

Grain Tech Expo 2017

Ukrspecsystems took part in the international exhibition of innovative solutions in the grain business – “Grain Tech Expo 2017” that took place on the 15-17 February 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. We presented our PD-1 and PC-1 drones adapted for agricultural needs. Special sensors and software allowed us to demonstrate great results of our work that […]

PD-1 car top launch

When you operate UAV in different geographic locations you have to face many challenges. The absence of a proper runway for the UAV takeoff and landing near the mission area is a common issue. A pneumatic launcher could resolve this problem, but the prices for such equipment are very high and not all companies can afford such […]

USG-302 industrial grade gimbal

While developing our gimbals we are focused on creating solutions for commercial and industrial applications. In regards to drone platform we always give preference to bigger drones with 6 or 8 motors, which have a few advantages if compared to their smaller «brothers». First of all in most cases they can stay in the air […]

PD-1 parachute landing

We are always moving forward and looking for new opportunities to improve our product. We are proud to announce that we have successfully finished tests of parachute landing system for PD-1 UAV. On the video you can see on of the flights during which our PD-1 UAV landed on parachute with air bag underneath after […]

Partnership with Roboticskies

The number of countries where we operate our drones is growing every day. Ukrspecsystems responds promptly to requests of our foreign customers, and therefore entered into a partnership with Robotic Skies (, a company which has more than 130 UAV service stations around the world! Now to service you drone you can reach nearest station […]

Drone gimbals for industrial applications

Nowadays it is hard to impress anyone with drones being used for industrial applications. Everyday dozens of drones rise into the air in the fields, above the power lines and buildings of factories and plants to complete a variety of tasks, regardless the time of the day and weather conditions. And it is twice more […]

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