USG-211 gimbal with target tracking

USG-211 is a compact and lightweight gimbal suitable for most unmanned aerial vehicles and small manned aircrafts. It is equipped with Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom and features high performance gyro-stabilization. All together it allows payload operator to detect and track even the small targets or perform wide range of civil tasks. Additionally, USG-211 can be upgraded with digital video processing package adding a number of great features such as digital video stabilization, target tracking and video over IP. In order to make the operation of the gimbal easier we have added intelligence route tracking feature which analyze target movement direction and even if the visual target tracking is lost, the gimbal will continue to move in the direction where the target would predictively be. There is also a high chance that the target tracking feature will be automatically reactivated when the target is in the field of view of the camera. Comparing to other gimbals with similar technical specifications on the market, USG-211 is an affordable solution that can be used in a wide variety of military and civil applications. More details are available on USG-211 product page.