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USG-301 is an industrial grade 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with integrated Full HD Sony camera. This gimbal was designed to be operated on multi-rotor drones like DJI S1000, DJI Matrice 600 and similar. High-performance gyro-stabilization, 30x optical zoom, excellent image quality, onboard recording and affordable price make it perfect choice for inspections, security, search and rescue and other similar applications.

High performance 3-axis gyro-stabilization

We use high performance brushless engines, encoders and powerful 32-bits processor to ensure precise and accurate gyro-stabilization. On top of that we have anti-vibration damping mount to reduce vibrations from the aerial vehicle.

Plug and Play solution

Our gimbals are fully compatible with popular of the shelf products such as DJI S1000 and Matrcie 600 multirotor platforms, DJI Lightbridge series of video transmitters, Amimon Connex Full HD video link. Gimbals can be controlled by most remote controls via S.BUS. All this together allows easy integration and operation of the gimbal with DJI and DIY solutions.

High quality sensors

We use proven high-quality sensors from Sony and other world-known companies. Day-time camera features Full HD video resolution and 30x optical zoom allowing to do visual inspections, search and rescue operations and work on other tasks while keeping the drone at safe distance.

Looking for EO/IR dual sensor gimbal?

Thermal camera, in addition to standard day-view sensor, provides much more information to the operator, especially if we are talking about drone inspections. For those who are looking for EO/IR drone gimbal we can offer USG-302 dual sensor gimbal. Visit USG-302 day-view and thermal camera gimbal page for more information. Read More

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General specifications

Full HD camera 30x optical zoom
Anti-vibration damping mount
Continuous rotation 3600 (slip ring)


IP video and control (in development)
Video streaming over Wi-Fi
Оn-board video recording
Stills capture


Weight 1400 g (with damping mount)
Width 160 mm
Height 266 mm

Recommended video links

DJI Lightbridge 2 or Amimon Connex +
Product specifications
Learn more about our drone gimbal and its technical specifications.

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