Difference between Drones

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are divided in two main categories: fixed-wing and multirotors.
Fixed-wing drones in most cases looks like classic planes. They need runway or special launchers for take off, but can stay in the air for longer period of time and carry more payload.
Multirotor drones (or quadcopters, octocopters, hexacopters) are vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aerial vehicles. They use power of multiple rotor for take-off and flying. The biggest advantage is that they can hold steady position while in the air. Which makes them a better choice for urban environment and when you need to stay close to the target.
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Our unmanned aerial vehicles and a line of camera payloads are here to help you to complete any mission. Our products are used in different parts of the world by professionals involved in military, industrial and commercial areas.




Ukrspecsystems is proud to be official drone supplier to Ukrainian Army. Our drones are used on everyday basis to complete a wide range of tasks for Ukrainian Armed Forces. PD-1 and PC-1 have received positive feedback from Ukrainian Authorities and Army Officers.




Our solutions with thermal cameras and other special payloads can help you to complete most industrial tasks, such as inspections, hazard environment tests and other common tasks in different industries.




Our camera payloads can be easily integrated with most commercial of the shelf drones. A combination of Full HD and thermal cameras can help you to shoot stunning aerial videos. Our PC-1 drones can be operated in nearly any weather conditions and could be a one-stop solution that you can rely on in any situation.

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USG-251 – new micro gimbal

We are proud to present our new micro gimbal for industrial, public safety and military applications! The USG-251 features a Full HD sensor with 10x optical zoom lens and optical video stabilization. 2- axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with damping mount eliminates vibrations from the airframe and compensates unwanted movements in the air. Optionally we can offer a…

Grain Tech Expo 2017

Ukrspecsystems took part in the international exhibition of innovative solutions in the grain business – “Grain Tech Expo 2017” that took place on the 15-17 February 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. We presented our PD-1 and PC-1 drones adapted for agricultural needs. Special sensors and software allowed us to demonstrate great results of our work that…

PD-1 car top launch

When you operate UAV in different geographic locations you have to face many challenges. The absence of a proper runway for the UAV takeoff and landing near the mission area is a common issue. A pneumatic launcher could resolve this problem, but the prices for such equipment are very high and not all companies can afford such…

USG-302 industrial grade gimbal

While developing our gimbals we are focused on creating solutions for commercial and industrial applications. In regards to drone platform we always give preference to bigger drones with 6 or 8 motors, which have a few advantages if compared to their smaller «brothers». First of all in most cases they can stay in the air…